My Perfect Protein-Packed Fruit Parfait

My fruit parfait

I like to remark about how much I love and eat fruit on a daily basis, but it’s impossible to accurately describe the amount of fruit I’ve consumed in my young adulthood, much less since childhood. I wasn’t the best vegetable eater when I was young as the colors and textures were off putting in most dishes (particularly zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, and eggplant—four of which are my most eaten veggies now!). However, fruits have always been one of my largest and favorite food groups since both of my sets of grandparents fed me copious amounts of cut watermelon (my papa’s specialty was massive tubs of red and yellow watermelon), cantaloupe, pineapple, and any other fruits they desired having around for me/us. Because I grew up eating all varieties of fruits, I crave them throughout the day and usually have them for snack and/or dessert (as seen in this What I Eat In A Day installment!). Nowadays I like to have at least one huge serving of fruit with each meal (I should probably stick to the guidelines that mention 1-2 cups of fruit as a single serving, but I mostly just eat them out of our packed containers until I feel full), and one of the ways I like to incorporate them in dessert aside from eating them raw is by making a fruit parfait! My fruit parfait of choice isn’t pretty like ones you’d find in Ina Garten’s kitchen or at a fancy cafe, but it’s delicious nonetheless. I opt for this Chobani vanilla yogurt because it’s high in protein and tastes super delicious—perfect for snack/dessert and when I haven’t had enough protein during the day! I start with two or three large dollops of yogurt and usually add at least five strawberries (or peaches or blueberries) that I’ve cut into the tiniest pieces along with a sprinkling of mini dark chocolate chips. The result is a protein-packed fruit parfait that’s satiating, full of my favorite fruits depending on what’s available, and extra sweet from the chocolate!


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