My One Month Left at Baylor Bucket List

Illustrating my Baylor bucket list

As of today, I only have 17 school days left of my undergraduate career, woohoo! I’m not like my roommate and normal college people who despise thinking about the end of their time in undergrad, so I’ve been counting down the days since…my freshman year? Of course I’ve had some incredible times at Baylor these past four years, but I’m ready to be pau with school forever (aka the next 5-6 years) and become a real working adult. I still have no plans for the foreseeable future (recently compared myself to Warner from Legally Blonde who graduated without honors, without a girlfriend, and without any job offers…my self esteem is obviously through the roof), so I could possibly stay in Waco after graduation, but for now, I’m planning everything I want to do in my last month at Baylor.

  • Spend time with my favorite professors– there are five professors who have made the greatest impact in my life since freshman year who I want to talk with and thank before I leave the Baylor campus next month.
  • Eat at a dining hall one last time– I never truly enjoyed eating every meal at school when I was a freshman, but I now appreciate how easy it is to have access to food throughout the day. Memorial Dining Hall (aka Memo) has Southwest Chicken Salads on Thursdays and I miss them every time I think about my lack of lunches on those days. I also need a handful of Miss. Mei’s cookies before I graduate!
  • Spend a day reading in Armstrong Browning library– I tend to avoid this beautiful building because it’s extremely quiet and I often feel like I need to float through the halls so I don’t disturb anyone. However, I would like to take in the environment and read in the stained glass-lit rooms at least once.
  • Go to Dr. Pepper Hour– Dr. Pepper Hour happens once a week where students can pick up free Dr. Pepper floats in the SUB. I don’t usually like Dr. Pepper, but I do find myself craving these ice cream treats every once in a while!
  • Meet Dr. Livingstone– I’ve briefly met our president and her husband a few times while I worked at basketball games, but I haven’t gotten to formally introduce myself and have a conversation with them. I definitely can’t leave Baylor without talking to our famous leader.
  • Kayak in the Baylor Marina– one cool part of going to Baylor is having a marina on campus where students have access to all sorts of water activities like SUP and kayaking. I’ll need to convince Jonathan or Lo to come with me.
  • Visit the bell tower in Pat Neff– seniors have the opportunity to see the inside of Patt Neff’s bell tower, which also has the best view!
  • Hang out with all of closest friends– the next month may be the last time I spend quality time with my favorite people before we say goodbye for who knows how long. I’ve accumulated close friendships with people from all sorts of backgrounds and I want to make sure we do as much together as possible before we have to part ways.
  • Pass all of my classes and graduate!– I only have four weeks left of classes before I can officially say I’m a Baylor graduate!