My New Xtava Dryer and Diffuser First Impressions

My curls after using the Xtava dryer and diffuser
Xtava dryer and diffuser

Since I began my new curly hair journey a few years ago, I’ve been on a constant search for the best products and tools that will give my curls the volume, body, and definition that I’ve longed for. Even though my hair is much healthier and and on its way back to the lengths of my childhood, I still occasionally have bad hair days. However, those are becoming few and far between as I discovered the ultimate curly hair tool in the Xtava 1875 Watt Pro Hair Dryer and Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser. Okay, let’s first have a laugh because this diffuser is huge as hell. Now back to scheduled programming. I went on a browse for a well loved diffuser attachment after I grew sick of my previous tool’s ineffectiveness and lengthy process. When I saw the Xtava Black Orchid in many a curly girl’s YouTube video, I was intrigued by the size, shape, and number of air holes. The Xtava attachment is a gigantic bowl diffuser that’s specifically designed to blast curls with 360 degree air flow (hence the holes). Most diffusers are flat and have air holes only at the base, while the Xtava one places them on both the bottom and at the tips of the fingers to promote consistent air flow from root to tip. The bowl is large enough to cup my hair in three sections without crushing my ringlets and because there are so many holes throughout the product, I don’t feel frizz collecting at the top of my head. My favorite part of the Xtava Dryer and Diffuser is how insanely quick my hair dries while using it. With my old diffuser, I had to wait 50-60 minutes to fully dry my curls, but with the Xtava one, I’m pau in literally 25 minutes at the most. Now of course, no dryer and diffuser are perfect so I still get frizz around my lengths (exhibit A aka the photo of my head with scraggly hairs), but the majority of my hair is coiled without excessive fluff. I’ve only used the tools twice so far, but at this point and with the results I’ve gotten, the Xtava 1875 Watt Pro Hair Dryer and Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser are my absolute holy grail hair items!