My New Home Office

My new home office
Bookshelves in my home office

When I luckily made the transition from Appellate Legal Clerk to Community Outreach Court Coordinator at the Office of the Public Defender almost 16 months ago, I was not only ecstatic about the position itself but also that I’d have an office all to myself! I spent around a year and a half at a desk where people were always stopping by to ask me questions, delegate assignments to me, and generally talk story. I loved being easily accessible to everyone if they needed help or just wanted to chat. However, I didn’t like the lack of privacy I was afforded by being at a desk surrounded by other clerical workers. Getting an office—no matter how tiny or cramped—was one of the greatest privileges I’d ever received. I was able to re-paint the walls and decorate my space to fit my interior design style and I made use of every wall and crevice in the office (here’s how I started and here’s the most recent photo tour I shared before I left my previous job)! Now that I’m at a new workplace, my working hours and locations are a little different. I’m luckily operating on a hybrid work schedule where I mostly work from home and I go in to our downtown office once a week. Because I immediately learned I’d work from home the majority of the time (for the time being), I wanted to create a beautiful and functional home office with the same pieces I loved at my previous job. My partner used to have our second room be his office/our rats’ bedroom, but he gave me the nicer side of the room to use as my own space. Almost everything in my home office was previously purchased when I started my COC job aside from my gorgeous white desk with lots of storage and these three floating bookshelves for my most loved reads. I like how my home office has come together and although I miss my working office, I’m thankful to have the space I’m in!