My Nanakuli vs Kaimuki Newspaper Capsule

Nanakuli vs Kaimuki

So remember yesterday when I said that I felt completely confident and competent after covering the past few weeks of games? Remember how cocky I sounded? Well, literally one day later…everything that could have gone wrong went to shit. I will tell you, this night was my actual worst nightmare and I’m still shuddering over it hours later. Where the Nanakuli vs Kaimuki should have been extremely easy and painless to cover, I made it as painful as possible…including FORGETTING A FIELD GOAL AND SENDING THE WRONG SCORE TO THE NEWSPAPER. Let’s go back to 4 p.m. when I had my mom and aunty drive us all the way to Kapolei for an early dinner before I needed to be at Nanakuli High School (or so I thought) at 6 for 6:30 kickoff (I REALLY THOUGHT). We enjoy a leisurely meal and drive to the west side where we arrive at 6:10…to an EMPTY parking lot. Not a single vehicle present for this supposed Nanakuli vs Kaimuki game. My dumbass brain believes it’s because Nanakuli doesn’t have a JV team but no, it was because the game WAS BEING PLAYED AT FARRINGTON. AT 6:30. AND WE’RE AT NANAKULI. AT 6:10. So I nearly shit my whole self and my mom drives 85 mph on the freeway, zig zagging through cars, while I beg my sister for any idea assistance on who she knows in town who could cover for me for 30 mins while we drive what should take us an hour to get to Skippa Diaz Stadium. I beg my cousin and his boyfriend to go for me, which they graciously agree to before Megan says that she and her boyfriend will go instead. All angels, I tell you. Unfortunately, they get there at 6:30 AND THE GAME IS ALREADY 5 MINUTES IN. So I’m screaming internally and wanting to jump out of the car right then and there, but try to breathe and write down all of the plays that Megan is live-texting me (after they paid $25 to park and get into the Nanakuli vs Kaimuki game). Somehow, mom got me there in 25 minutes but no one in the whole press box is keeping stats so I have to send in everything I have, which is basically half of the first quarter and the remainder of the game. Unfortunately though, I was so preoccupied with putting all of my things away at the very end of the fourth quarter so I could run down and interview the Kaimuki coach for my article before they left that I forgot to write down their field goal. I SENT IN AN INCOMPLETE BOX SCORE AND CAPSULE THAT WAS PRINTED IN THE NEWSPAPER THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ. AND I DIDN’T KNOW I FORGOT UNTIL TODAY WHEN THE KAIMUKI COACH CORRECTED IT. AND NOW I’M DEAD FOREVER UNTIL I CAN MAKE UP FOR MY SHITTINESS ON FRIDAY. Anyway, this post is basically to carve my complete buffoonery in internet stone so one day in 50 years I can remember this night and cringe forever (as if I’ll actually forget it) and so Jonathan can read my entire night of errors and tease me post-haste.