My Last Day Home

On my last morning home, I begged my friends to go hiking with me at Lanikai Pillboxes followed by breakfast at my favorite Cinnamon’s. The last time I hiked pillboxes in 2015, I remembered it being a fairly easy trek up the mountain. This time around, Mikayla and I took multiple breathers and questioned our fitness levels while laughing as women easily carried up their newborns. We eventually made it to the top (hours after Waileia did I’m guessing) and received Kaiʻolu’s help as she lifted our bodies on top of the pillbox itself. We are all thankful for that woman and her muscles. After we took a handful of cute pictures on the structure, we started walking back down and I got to cocky for my own good. I became really confident going down and ultimately fell flat on my ass to my friends’ amusement. No worries though, I only bruised my ego. Once Kaiʻolu and Waileia departed us, we headed to Cinnamon’s where we all (except Ali) feasted on kalua pig eggs benedict and kanaked right after. Brandon and I took naps at my house and shared our tearful goodbyes (just kidding no tears only yawns). I went to dinner at Zippy’s (obviously) with my family and my dad and I were off a few hours later!