My Last Day at the Office of the Public Defender

Friend lunch on my last day
Friends on the penultimate day
Friends in my office
Clerical friends before my last day
My truest friend

After 2.5 years (how has it even been that long?), I just spent my last days at the Office of the Public Defender and…I’m sad about it!! Yes, I know I’ve complained endlessly while tweeting/writing about the horrors of my workplace and while I don’t take any of that back, I’m dejected about being away from certain friends and coworkers and a position I’ve become so comfortable in. In my last birthday post, I mentioned how I now believe that change is a good thing. I do believe that change opens possibilities and opportunities that might not have existed before. I know that my leaving the office is due to an exciting chance, but that doesn’t affect my emotions surrounding my last day. I accepted a new job and just recently spent my last day (or two days) celebrating new beginnings and “see you soons” with coworkers who’ve become friends to me. My work life greatly improved over the last six months or so and aside from some out of office bureaucracy I wasn’t fond of, I’ve generally been happy. Who’d have thought I’d get to this place? So happy in fact, that it took a long minute for me to accept an offer I should’ve never waited on! Luckily, all of the coworkers I told, including my two bosses and supervisor, were all supportive and encouraging to me about moving on. I’m not in the clerical section anymore (I used to say thank g*d, but now that area is incredibly less toxic), but the women all threw me a wonderful potluck full of my favorite foods. They gave me lei, treats, and lots of laughs that I truly enjoyed. I also received lei that day from the folks I worked alongside in community service, which was very kind of them. On my last day, I got several pikake lei from my wonderful public defender Sara, two bosses, and other PDs who contributed. I had lunch with some of the public defenders I’m closest to and made sure to take pictures with as many friends as possible. I had a fantastic last week full of sweet messages from clients, thoughtful emails from service providers and higher ups, and a surprisingly easy office clear out (RIP my beautiful, amazing office!!!). I try my best not to romanticize places and people and at the same time, I’m extraordinarily lucky to have been at this office for the last 2.5 years. I’m lucky that people invested in me, trusted me, and encouraged me throughout my days. I had some bad moments at that place, but I also learned, grew, and made friendships with certain folks I am positive will be in my life forever. I wouldn’t change a thing.