My Kaiser vs McKinley Newspaper Capsule

Kaiser vs McKinley capsule

Two capsules in a row? Can you believe? This past weekend, I attended/worked at my first back-to-back high school games where I not only wrote a capsule for the Star Advertiser, but also an article for the Hawaii Prep website! And let me tell you, a girl was stressed that Saturday night. I quickly remembered what it feels like to work in a high stakes sports environment where there’s little to no room for error. Thankfully, I made it out of my first full football weekend alive and well and completed my second recap in the same number of days for the Kaiser vs McKinley game! After doing the Roosevelt vs Kalani game on Friday, I felt immensely prepared to start writing for the Hawaii Prep website by the time Kaiser vs McKinley arrived. By perfecting my stats spreadsheets and writing the majority of my capsules at halftime, I had eliminated a lot of my anxiety about working alone and finishing everything by deadline. Thankfully, the press box PA and stat crew (not to be confused with Stat Crew– my favorite software) at Roosevelt are incredible and so helpful! The Kaiser vs McKinley game went exactly as expected and finished with the same blowout score as Friday’s event (to my dismay as I just want everything good for Alexandria Buchanan!). Kaiser’s freshman QB Easton Yoshino is amazingly accurate and junior WR Ethan Lynch was phenomenal enough for me to write a story about him on the Hawaii Prep website! Fun anecdote: I tried to leave the press box and run down to the field as quickly as possible after the game so I could get a few quotes from Ethan for my profile, but I got stuck behind the masses of parents and was stopped at the Kaiser bus exactly as they were boarding! Unfortunately, even my bright personality and shiny demeanor couldn’t convince their AD to give me two seconds with the kid, so my story was published without any quotes at all. A bust? Maybe, but at least it was posted as my first ever website article!