My Hawaii Bookmark Earring Wishlist

I’ve been searching for a pair of Koa wood earrings ever since I got my ears pierced in December. I always think of local auntys in tita buns and Manuhealiʻi dresses when I imagine the classic buyer of these earrings. After seeing my favorite Pashyn Santos sporting a pair, I was so excited to find their website chock full of these wooden gems! Hawaii Bookmarks is a local company that makes both bookmarks and accessories. Their earring collection is vast and includes designs inspired by the mauna, Hawaiian implements and classic lei pua. I recently purchased the ʻOhe pair that features one of my favorite plants. My grandma used to have ‘Ohe decor around the house, so the earrings are also sentimental for me. The Island Chain Koa Earrings would be a great addition to my earring collection as they’re similar to my Oʻahu outlined pair. I love how the Big Island is the statement, while the others float around the inside. The Ipu Koa Earrings would be another childhood ‘rememory’ as they remind me of my days dancing hula. This pair would look amazing with a high bun and strapless blouse. I love the Mauka pair because it’s a classic and simple kapa design.