My Four Favorite Holiday Movies

My favorite holiday movies

What’s Christmas time without the perfect holiday movie (or playlist) to pop in while snuggled up with hot chocolate and warm blankets? Even if I’m not feeling the holiday spirit, I can watch any of my favorite holiday movies throughout December and I’m instantly excited for Christmas lights and decorations and gift wrapping! The Family Stone is the most serious and realistic film of the bunch as it focuses on a dysfunctional family during the Christmas season. I’m basically here for any movie that features Carrie Bradshaw, Allie Hamilton, Michael O’Neal, Mark Brandanowitz, and Zeke Braverman, and each of the characters perform some of their best work in my opinion. Eloise at Christmastime is my favorite Christmas movie ever because I may or may not fully identify with the wild six-year-old protagonist who’s constantly running around and annoying the shit out of everyone. Eloise is the most insane and caring child (obviously like me) and I love her relationship with Bill so much! Eloise at Christmastime has romance, friendship, and a happy ending in New York City (at the Plaza to be exact), so what’s not to love about it? Home Alone 2 is the classic this-could-never-happen film that’s important to any Christmas movie guide. Macaulay Culkin is perfectly believable in an impossible situation and my favorite scene has always been his time with the bird lady. You may find that my favorite holiday movies are set in New York for obvious reasons! Speaking of the city, Elf is a must-watch for any and all Christmas lovers. Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel, and Tyrion Lannister in real life? A real dream team. Tune in for the laughs, Buddy and Jovie’s duet in the shower, and the most disgusting candy spaghetti. Just don’t try to recreate the dish for yourself! Now pass the popcorn…