My First Week of Full-Time Work in Outfits

Day 2 of my first week
Day 3 of my first week
Day 4 of my first week
Day 5 of my first week
Day 1 of my first week

There are few things I’ve loved more in my life than picking out my every day outfits. I’ve always been passionate about fashion and style and I even promised my six-year-old self that when I got my first big girl job, I would buy a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress because Nina Garcia wrote about the timeless piece in The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylist Woman Must Own (yes, I really read the entire book in first grade). Now as you can tell, there are no DvF wrap dresses around because six-year-old Noelle didn’t yet know about student loans (ah to be in the prime of my life again), so we’re sticking to the affordable pieces in my closet for the first week of office outfits. You’ve already seen my first day look, which I wrote about here, so I’ll skip past that one and continue with the rest of my first week ensembles. I wore the same J.Crew flats and carried my favorite Madewell tote every day in my first week (and will continue for the rest of my weeks) because I love them and they’re perfect for every outfit. On day 2, I sported one of my favorite navy blue blouses with the perfect J.Crew Pixie Pants (sadly discontinued) because I was already exhausted and needed a comfy and easy outfit. Day 3 saw my over worn leopard skirt from American Eagle and black J.Crew tank top with an old black sweater on top to keep me looking just a little more professional. I legitimately wear this outfit at least once a week since the skirt is the most comfortable and is great in this horrible heat! I picked an old Manuheali’i baby doll dress for Aloha Friday, though it’s the perfect piece for any day where I want to feel a little more aunteh. My last outfit of my first week is the perfect pink button down top from J.Crew (can you tell I spend way too much money there?) with my Pixie Pants again and the best colorful yarn earrings…also from J.Crew. The top is literally the only button down I’ve found that doesn’t gape at my breasts and is soft and cinches at my waist! Is there anything better than that?