My First Wax

Be warned dad- you will not want to hear any of this!

Technically this isn’t my very first wax as that nightmare occurred at the ripe age of 9 in an Aveda salon. I wanted to finally have two separate eyebrows (thanks to the unibrow I inherited from my dad and grandpa) and I decided my adolescent face was ready for my first wax. Needless to say, I walked around Ala Moana with actual hives around my brows and that was the last time I came in contact with hot wax strips. Thankfully I’ve kept my unibrow at bay with a few pairs of sharp tweezers so I never stepped back in an Aveda waxing room again.

I’ve been interested in Brazilian waxes for a few years as conversations in Younger and Sex and the City drew my attention toward female grooming. I’ve always imagined the process nearly as painful as childbirth, so I never took the steps toward a real wax. However, I decided the time was right to pull my shit together and get over my fear. I booked an appointment at the European Wax Center in Waco and prepared myself for the pain. The lobby was clean, minimalist and full of their own line of skincare products for the face and body. I forked over my $50 for the full Brazilian before Kim, my waxer, escorted me into a doctor’s office-style room featuring an exam bed covered with tissue paper. The wax they use at the European Wax Center is a hard, strip-less wax that dries within seconds of application. Kim first cleansed the area with a toner and applied a pre-wax oil before smoothing on the hot wax. I won’t go into the nitty gritty details because this is a PG13 blog
after all, but the process itself wasn’t as horrible as I imagined. Of course, each strip was uncomfortable, but there was only one area that caused me to audibly cuss as it was pulled off. Luckily Kim made me feel at ease the whole time even though I gripped the tissue paper with a force I didn’t know was in me! The whole waxing procedure took around 20 minutes and I was free to purchase any products before heading out. The wax lasts for 3-4 weeks and you bet your ass I booked my next appointment while only cringing a little! If you’ve ever wondered what a Brazilian wax is like and have any interest in one at all, I highly recommend it. Just be prepared to wince and kick a little!