My First Published Freelance Article

My first freelance article

As you all know by now, I’ve been struggling to find a full time job post-graduation. And now we’re apparently nearing a recession?? Why did I get an English degree in this economy?? 42 submitted applications later and still nothing! Despite my extreme negativity and increased anxiety levels about my lack of employment, I thankfully have the opportunity to freelance write for different publications on the island. I’ve been a side freelance writer for the past couple of months and I’ve written a few articles, but because their publication dates are later this year, it hasn’t felt like my work is real yet. Until now! My most recent freelance opportunity is getting to cover high school football games for the Star Advertiser every week. I shadowed the prep editor for two weeks and this past Friday night was my first time to showcase my skills (or lack of?) in a real way. I had the chance to work at the Nānākuli vs. Kalani game and the box score I prepared and article I wrote were published in the newspaper! This may seem like not a huge deal to seasoned journalists and writers, but this is my first ever piece published under my own name and I’m pretty thrilled to say the least! All of the work I did at Baylor was obviously published without credit (just like everyone else’s work) and while I was happy to gain the experience and work in athletics, I’m excited that my first freelance piece is out there in the world with my name attached to it. I’ll continue covering different high school teams every weekend for the next few months, so I’ll share the articles I write for both the newspaper and Hawaii Prep World as they’re published as well as the feature pieces I composed for the different Go magazines. Freelance writing is such a wonderful opportunity and side income as I await full time job news so I can’t wait to keep the momentum going!