My First Pair of Nike Air Force 1s

Nike Air Force 1s
Top view of Nike Air Force 1s

My shoe choices have ranged throughout the years as I’ve gone through many phases of life. As a child and during middle school and my first two years of high school, I was entirely dedicated to black leather boots of all kinds. My Chr*stian screamo/emo phase of middle school (I will admit that I still love Underoath’s music) was filled with layered all black clothing almost always from Forever 21—think satin mini skirts with black camisoles under black sheer tops—and mid-calf flimsy combat boots. My combat boot obsession continued during high school when I’d wear leather ankle boot versions with a black beanie every day in 85 degree weather. And while I still love black boots and sheer, lacy ensembles, my daily style is now more geared toward bold colors and colorful pairings—all of which are embedded in these Nike Air Force 1 sneakers!

Although I’ve loved and worn handfuls of pairs of sneakers in the past (see these posts), I’ve never owned a pair of Nike Air Force 1s until now! I mentioned the Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka shoes in Summit White/Solar Flare/Medium Soft Pink/Hyper Pink in this installment of 5 Things and while I didn’t think I’d ever purchase them (they were out of my budget and weren’t available on the Nike site in my size), my partner generously gifted me them last month! I’ve been obsessed with wearing as many colors and layers as possible in every outfit with my most recent favorite color way being pink, yellow, and orange. As soon as I saw these Nike Air Force 1s on Julia Berolzheimer’s instagram (she points me to all of my favorite shoe styles and aspirational clothing pieces I’ll never ever afford!), I knew they’d be perfect styled with the pieces in my closet. The shoes are extraordinarily comfortable and suit my wide feet. I’m almost too afraid to get them dirty since I know they took a while to find and are expensive, but I can’t wait to wear them with my layered looks both for work and play!