My First Paddling Story for the Star-Advertiser

My paddling story

Look guys, I’m trying to be more versatile in the sports world! If you recall (as you should…I shared every capsule and recap), I started writing for the Star-Advertiser in the fall as a high school football reporter (which I completely adored!!!), but haven’t written any more stories as I switched over to a sports clerk post-football season. However, my prep editor asked me to cover the 2020 paddling states, so I of course, accepted his request. The main issue is: I know shit about paddling. Not a bit of information or sports knowledge fills my head about the team competitions. That probably means I was the least qualified person to cover this huge event, eh? Either way, I dragged Brandon with me and we met KaiÊ»olu and her parents (who are all three paddling stars/coaches) and they each offered me tidbits of information about sport for me to include in my article (or at least so I’m not entirely confused about what’s happening). What I learned is: there are three victors: girls, boys, and mixed (girls and boys); there are two heats; the winner is whoever reaches the finish line first (okay obviously, Noelle, damn); and Kamehameha and P*nahou usually do extremely well every year. If you will read my article above, you’ll see that indeed, Kamehameha took the girls trophy, P*nahou got the boys one, and (fun upset!!) Kalaheo won the mixed race! I still don’t understand most of paddling (I wrote the article quickly, but was unsure if I was doing it correctly), and I probably should have asked KaiÊ»olu a dozen more questions about the sport, but I’m so proud of myself for branching out of my comfort zone and using my writing skills to focus on a sport with which I’m unfamiliar. Okay but now let’s go back to football please…