My First DevaCut – Process & Experience

I finally cut my hair after 1.5 years of growth! My long hair saw me through a relationship, a bad breakup, the most difficult school year of my life, a football coaching gig, an internship with a nonprofit I loved, and too many laughs and cries with family and friends, so it was both difficult and liberating to part with each curl. But alas, the time had come for me to rid myself of all the dead ends and embrace a shorter, bolder, curlier cut. I’ve been wanting to try a DevaCut for years as I struggled to get the curls of my childhood back. A DevaCut is a unique technique where stylists cut curly hair dry in order to see how and where each curl falls. Instead of trimming the hair wet and then styling, which works for straight hair, the DevaCut process focuses more on embracing the various curl patterns on each client and recognizing that they are only visible when dry. I went to see Anna at Allure Hair Salon in Waco and she was incredible! She walked me through the entire process before and during the cut and never pressured me to buy any of the DevaCurl products. To start off, Anna cut about six inches off straight across and then took me to the back to wash, style, and dry my hair with a diffuser. She washed my hair with No-Poo Original, conditioned it with One Condition Original, and then applied handfuls of Ultra Defining Gel into my soaking wet hair before scrunching it with a microfiber towel. Anna dried my hair slowly with a diffuser to bring out my natural volume and curls and then cut my curls into short, scattered layers. The entire process took about 45 minutes because Anna is a master at her craft and although I was initially terrified that she cut off too much hair, I now love how bouncy, curly, and soft my locks are with only one product! DevaCuts are geared specifically toward women with wavy or curly hair who wear their hair naturally because the curl-by-curl cut will look extremely uneven on straight hair. I’ve never seen my strands this shiny and consistently curly at every angle before and I’m in love with the result! Now let’s hope they look like this everyday from now on!