My Finals Must-Haves

I’m currently in the brutal midst of finals week, which, if you’re a bad student/hate school like me, is actually hell. This is my sixth semester of college and I still go batshit crazy when it comes to final exams. The idea of measuring the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the semester by multiple choice and/or short answer tests gives me enough anxiety to see my therapist as soon as I get home. Nonetheless, finals must be taken and panic attacks must be had, so I’ve compiled as many tips and tangible essentials for surviving finals season!

  • Studying playlist- Mine consists of anything by Sleeping At Last, Manchester Orchestra’s HOPE album, Frank Ocean’s “Moon River”, and the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack
  • Post-it notes- I write to-do lists on my colorful post-its and check off what I’ve completed along the way!
  • Quizlets- When I’m studying for my hardest exams like Poly Sci and World Oceans, I fill out multiple Quizlets in order to memorize all of my vocabulary and main ideas
  • Snacks- My diet consists mainly of cereal and chips and salsa, but I also like to snack on grapes and applesauce while I’m cramming
  • Journal- I always distract myself when I’m studying or doing homework because although I’m not an A+ student, I excel in procrastination. I like to keep my beloved journal next to me because I often think of poetry lines or ways to calm my anxiety.