My Favorite Workouts I Do Every Week

Hiking is one of my favorite workouts

*Trigger warning: weight, weight loss* In the past when I tried to lose weight and become more active, I’d attempt to eat healthier and do some Blogilates workouts for a couple of weeks before stopping altogether (even though I bothered my basketball strength coach friend Charlie for advice!). I’ve never been “fit” as I was told since my traumatizing elementary school PE classes that I weighed more than the other girls in my grade (actually kids in general) and had more body fat than them—a distressing image of myself I’ve carried since 2006. Back in June, however, I decided to finally take the plunge and start caring for my body on a regular basis through a healthier diet and consistent workouts. I’ve always had a weight loss goal in mind since I reached my heaviest after graduation (the crippling depression affected my body in more ways than one) and feeling awful about my physical appearance and overall health was what propelled me toward actually working on my diet and workouts. Instead of doing nothing every day, I now workout 5-6 times a week (I rest on Mondays when I wash and style my hair!) with at least 2 days being outside and the rest inside. My coworker friends and I walk 4-5 miles every Wednesday after work and I usually corral either Brandon or Megan or Conor and Parker to go on a hike with me on the weekends. At least for the past 5 weeks, I’ve hiked once or twice a week! My current favorite hikes are Kuliouou Ridge Trail (pictured above), Makiki Loop Trail, and Lanikai Pillboxes. When I’m not doing my “outside” workouts, I do a long step video to reach my daily count (I know it looks lame and 80s-esque, but I enjoy them) and I’ll do a 20-30 minute HIIT or long cardio and/or weight training with the small dumbbells and kettle bell I have in my room. I try to burn at least 600 calories a day and make sure I reach the exercise and movement goals I have on my Apple watch! I have at minimum 5 pounds left to lose or if I want to go all the way toward my initial goal, I’m 10 pounds till then! Here are some of the step, HIIT, cardio, and strength videos I do every week:

Joanna Soh — 10,000 Indoor Step Challenge

Vicky Justiz — Intense 15 Mins Cardio

Rachel Gulotta — Burn 600 Calories with this 45-Minute Cardio Workout

Growing Annannas — 30 Minute Leg Workout with Weights, Dumbbells