My Favorite Views on Oʻahu

Hawaiʻi is hands down the most beautiful place on earth (don’t try to fight me on this) and I have a list of spots with the best views. I’ve already gone to the beach numerous times within my first month of summer and each location is more beautiful than the previous one. Driving toward Kahana Bay from town, one could stop almost anywhere at any roadside beach and find the perfect spot. One day Brandon and I parked off the road to go swimming and the first picture was our view for those few hours. It’s almost unreal how beautiful the mountains look against the clear ocean. Pali Lookout is another one of my favorites because it’s a view without hiking (sometimes I’m really lazy). The Pali overlooks multiple valleys and features the greenest foliage in existence. We luckily went on a windless and bee-less day so the view was even more extraordinary. My friends and I often enjoy picking up food and taking it to Diamond Head to overlook the ocean and watch all of the surfers. The waves are always beautiful and it’s a free waterfront view! Who needs those Waikiki restaurants overlooking the ocean? Tantalus is another great way to see the island without hiking up a mountain. The drive to the top is easy to find and one can make multiple stops along the route to observe Diamond Head in all its glory (surrounded by awful development). Speaking of Waikiki, sometimes the tourist attraction has its bright spots. I took mountain picture near sunset outside of the Moana Surfrider and I loved how glassy the ocean looked with the orange rays peeking over Lēʻahi itself. My favorite drive is on H3 going toward town as all of the Koʻolau Mountains are in full view. The Koʻolaus are, in my opinion, the most extraordinary land mass on Oʻahu, especially after it rains and the the waterfalls trickle down each of the mountains. Sandy’s is one of the most popular beaches among locals and although I avoid it due to its large waves, the ocean during sunrise is amazing. The rocky ground becomes tide pools during high tide and the waves are the perfect sight to wake up to. I once hiked Upper Makua Caves and will never do it again because of death, but holy look at this view! All of west side (my favorite side) is illuminated and the ocean looks like a painting. What’s your favorite spot on the island?