My Favorite Tita Bun

I have the same nightly routine that signals “I am not leaving this house until morning”: put on comfy shorts, take off my jewelry and throw my hair in a tita bun. On an everyday basis I style a half-up tita bun/chomage (which I wrote about here) but when I’m ready to get work done i.e.: cook dinner, finish homework, watch Netflix, blog, etc., I need all of my hair out of my face. Tita buns are common in HawaiĘ»i because it removes any hair from adding excess heat to the neck and because it’s a cute and easy look! To create my tita bun I simply gather all of my hair at the top of my head and randomly wrap an elastic band around the pieces of hair. The most successful tita buns are messy but secure, so make sure that the rubber band is tight and is pulling the hair in different directions. When I’m running late I like to sport this hairstyle with a smokey eye for a girly touch, but it’s ultimately the best ‘do for working out!