My Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner

Living in a house with two other women means there are beauty and hygiene products placed all over the bathroom areas. Although I try out loads of different shampoos, conditioners, and body washes all the time, my favorites have remained as the Pantene Pro-V Classic Shampoo and Conditioner. These gigantic bottles were purchased from Costco and have lasted me for the past 6 months or so without running out of product. I’ve found that whenever I use a different set of shampoo and conditioner, my curly hair lays flat and feels weighed down. However, when I use this set my hair springs back into its natural waves and curls while leaving my strands extremely soft and silky. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my hair’s health as they used to be brittle and split, but are now strong and healthy. Overall, this is an amazing shampoo and conditioner pair that is perfect for everyone!