My Favorite Outfit Shot

Most fashion bloggers have a signature pose- the “candid” laugh (guilty), head turned over the shoulder, the brisk walk across the street, etc. My favorite fashion photo is the detailed shoe pose. In order to achieve the instagramable picture, I angle my phone or camera down toward my feet and stick my butt back so my clothing fits in. Most of the time my feet are facing forward with a little bend in the knee (who knew outfit pictures require so much effort?), which is the most flattering angle. I hold my bag down or sling the long strap over my shoulder and make sure that all of my jewelry is showing. Whenever I’m wearing opened toed shoes or sandals I like to have my nails painted to make everything prettier. A tiled mosaic, grassy patch or rock and stone mixture are all great backgrounds for shoes, so choose wisely. And that’s it…you are now a fashion blogger!