My Favorite Moments from Jonathan and Urn’s Wedding

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Favorite moments with Grandpa Jerry

Jonathan and Urn’s big day finally came and went (some previous days featured here) and it was the best time indeed! There were several times where I felt extraordinarily thankful for these people I’ve become close with over the years, so I wanted to share my favorite moments from the day of the wedding. Lo, Jonathan, Jil (former boss, current friend) and I woke up way too early (aka 8:30 a.m.) and drove 45 minutes to our favorite ever donut and kolache store, which is accurately named Best Donuts & Kolache Shop all the way out in Valley Mills. Jonathan and Urn ordered dozens of donut holes and regular donuts with holes for the wedding reception, but getting to pick out my favorite sausage and cheese kolaches and chocolate sprinkle donuts was undoubtedly one of my favorite moments of the day. After sufficiently stuffing our faces, we added all of the desserts to the display trays at the reception venue and Jonathan returned us to Lo’s house (I fell asleep in the car on the way home obviously) so we could get ready. I finished hemming my dress for two hours (spent half the time frustrated about sewing and the other half watching basketball with Jason and Jil’s husband Matt) and did my makeup in Lo’s room with her before we got dressed. We hung out with the other groomsmen (with a quick cameo from Grandpa Jerry pictured above!) for 45 minutes until the wedding photographers took all of our fun friendship pictures outside Truett. The wedding ceremony itself went by quickly without a hitch (except for when I almost broke my feet in my new shoes while sweating uncontrollably) and we feasted on different types of tacos and nachos at the reception. Lo and I downed multiple margaritas, ate some donut holes, and (I) reunited with some of my other former bosses. Arguably one of my favorite moments of the night was taking several photobooth pictures with all of the grown people I used to work for (who are now my close friends) before we went back to one of their houses to hang out for the rest of the night. I’m extremely thankful that Jonathan asked me to be one of his groomspeople and that I got to spend such a special day with him, Lo, and our other friends!