My Favorite Jewelry

Growing up, I was always obsessed with any type of jewelry. I used to collect cheap pieces from Claire’s and I would carry them in a miniature pink handbag. Although every bit would ultimately end up in a tangled ball, I still treasured my purse of jewels. In a series of unfortunate events (aka fetus Noelle’s irresponsibility), I lost my purse and my dramatic childhood self flipped out. Fast forward about 15 years and I still love everything that sparkles and shines. These days, I’ve gathered quite a few pieces that hold special meaning to me, which I wear everyday.

Starting off with my football necklace, my mom purchased a custom made piece from Georgie Designs on Etsy. Mine features a football and helmet on two circles. I love this necklace because it’s so difficult to find football jewelry that’s not tacky and my mom had this one made just for me. Another piece that my mom purchased from Georgie Designs is my ‘home’ bangle. It’s easy to feel homesick 3,500 miles away from home for a majority of the year, but this bracelet reminds me stay rooted in where I’m from. I bought the star and moon bracelet from a boutique at home called Eden in Love. I wear it every day because I gave the exact same bangle to my best friend Mikayla, so it’s a nice reminder of the friends I hold so dear to my heart. The gold ‘Kamalani’ bangle is extremely special to me because it’s a tradition in my Hawaiian culture to give a girl a Hawaiian bracelet on her 16th birthday. My Grams and Papa gave my sister hers but unfortunately, they passed away before my 16th. My parents were thoughtful and generous enough to give me my beloved Hawaiian bracelet engraved with a small message from my grandparents. The chain bracelet with multiple letters on it belonged to my Grams and it features the initials of all her grandchildren. I wear it everyday as a tribute to my grandparents and to remain close to my sister and cousins. Of course, you’ve seen my favorite Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch on nearly every outfit post. I fell in love with this watch around two years ago and my parents bought it for me for Valentine’s Day. It’s such a classic piece that I know I’ll wear for years to come.

My dad gave me the silver Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Ring on my 14th birthday and I still treasure it to this day. This ring was the first piece of “real” jewelry I received and it’s such a special memory between my dad and me. After Grams passed away, I was lucky enough to receive her favorite diamond ring (similar here). I know I gained my love for jewelry from Grams and this ring was extra special to both her and me.