My Favorite Bloggers

Because I’m a blogger, I’m always looking for inspiration and post ideas from pop culture and the world around me. For the past few years, I’ve been going back to the same fashion and beauty blogs as they constantly produce amazing content and photos. Although there are thousands and thousands of blogs in the interweb, there are a handful that I go back to time and time again.

AnnaVivianna Does Makeup. Anna is the ultimate cool British babe who is my main beauty inspiration in life. Her content is absolutely incredible and her videos have become my go to on YouTube. With a nack for wit and impressive photography skills, Anna showcases her no makeup makeup looks with ease and inspires me to do the same. Her weekly vlogs with boyfriend Mark are my favorites to watch and always leave me wanting more!

AmeliaLiana Beauty. Amelia is another British gal that posts daily about the beauty world. A girl after my own heart, she can always be seen sporting a smokey eye and flawless skin on the streets of London. Her nails are always in tip top shape and her polish picks are definitely on point each season. If there’s one person that can enable me to purchase a makeup item, it’s Amelia.

Julia- Gal Meets Glam. There’s always that one blogger that seems to have a picture perfect life and that’s Julia Engel. Her San Francisco life is one that I envy constantly from her layered outfits to her perfectly arranged desktop situation. Julia’s instagram is fantastically organized, delivering photos of the SF Farmer’s Market to her current favorite Bare Minerals products. Julia has the most amazing wardrobe pieces that any girl would be lucky to own!

Rach- Pink Peonies. Another enviable closet is owned by Rach, an always dressed to kill 24 year old from Salt Lake City. From her Valentino Rockstud heels to her Saint Laurent handbags, Rach showcases the most recent designer items on her blog. Her photos are the highest quality and her blog content is fabulous!