My Everyday Jewelry Pieces

My everyday jewelry

In nearly every outfit post and fashion TikTok I share, my everyday jewelry collection is featured as a type of secondary character somewhere in the background. I’ve always loved jewelry since I grew up watching my Grams purchase and wear the dozens of beautiful pieces she’d acquired over the years. Jewelry is wonderful because (with good care) it lasts forever and can be shared and passed between generations. Several years ago I wrote about my favorite jewelry pieces I wore on the regular (read that post here!) and while a few of them are the same, I’ve received many new ones ever since! I thought I’d detail these everyday jewelry items I love so much because each one was given to me by the most important people in my life!

The first ever fancy jewelry piece I received was the Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Ring from my dad on my 14th birthday, and I still treasure it to this day. I’ve worn it every day over the past 11 years and it still looks brand new! The gold ‘Kamalani’ bangle is extremely special to me because it’s a tradition in my Hawaiian culture to give a girl a Hawaiian bracelet on her 16th birthday. My Grams and Papa gave my sister hers but unfortunately, they passed away before my 16th. My parents were thoughtful and generous enough to give me my beloved Hawaiian bracelet engraved with a small message from my grandparents. The gold five heart ring (or the Royal Flush ring as my bff/cousin Conor used to call it) was Grams’ and I coveted it from the moment she bought it because it truly encompassed her spirit! After Grams’ passing, I asked my mom several times if she knew where the ring went. Neither of us could ever find it, but somehow my mom discovered it hiding at the bottom of a jewelry box a couple months ago! I feel so lucky to wear one of Grams’ favorite rings she bought herself. The Tiffany & Co. infinity ring at the bottom of the picture was from my partner and it was the first gift he gave me. I love wearing it on my index finger with my other everyday jewelry! I was given this James Avery Deep in the Heart of Texas charm when I graduated from Baylor and although it’s meant to be on a charm bracelet (I’m slowly building my bracelet!!), I wear it as a necklace. My best friends are in Texas along with so many other people and memories I love, so it’s important to me that I always have this necklace around my neck. The one piece I wasn’t given that I wear almost every day is the Baublebar Pippa earring that I got back in December. Two other jewelry items my partner gave me are the Tiffany & Co. Double Loving Heart Bracelet and this stunning Blue Nile ring diamond ring I wear on my middle finger (stacked under my Grams’ five heart ring). They’re both absolutely gorgeous and I’m so lucky to have been given them! For Christmas, my sister Megan bought me the Names for Good Blue Aquamarine Bracelet with my initials surrounded by precious sky blue beads. Since all of my other jewelry is silver or gold, I love that this bracelet adds a pop of color! Last but not least, after Grams passed away, I was lucky enough to receive her favorite geometric diamond ring (similar here). This ring is another one that I’ve worn for around 10 years and I know I’ll treasure it forever.