My Everyday Accessory Stack

My accessory stack

I’ve collected vintage/hand me downs (from my beloved Grams) and new pieces of jewelry since my mom took me to Claire’s and Icing for the first time as a child. There was almost nothing I loved more than cubic zirconia clip on earrings in the shapes of electric guitars and puppies—I was always quite subtle with my style it seems—and one half of friendship necklaces and bracelets. And even though the Claire’s sales associate warned that my ears were “too fat” to pierce when I was young, I still floated through their stores every chance I had. Fast forward many moons later (I don’t like to admit I’m a grown ass adult girl) and I’m still a sucker for jewelry and a beautiful accessory stack, but this time, they’re almost all real! Can you believe? Since I’ve received quite a few pieces to add to my daily outfit sparkle, I thought I would share the pieces I wear nearly every day in my accessory stack (see this old ass post for the jewelry I used to wear back in young college!)!

The first ever fancy jewelry piece I received was the Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Ring from my dad on my 14th birthday, and I still treasure it to this day. I’ve worn it every day over the past 12 years and it still looks brand new! I wear the ring on my right hand ring finger where it fits the best. After my Grams passed away, I was lucky enough to receive her favorite geometric diamond ring (similar here). This ring is another one that I’ve worn for around 10 years and I know I’ll treasure it forever as its shape and pattern are quite uncommon. I either wear the ring on my right hand middle finger or on my thumb depending on how much salt I’ve eaten on a specific day. On my left hand, I wear the Tiffany & Co. infinity ring from my partner, which was the first gift he gave me. I love wearing it on my index finger with my other everyday jewelry and accessory stack! My middle finger houses my only ring stack: a stunning Blue Nile ring diamond ring from my partner and my Grams’ gold five heart ring (or the Royal Flush ring as my bff/cousin Conor used to call it)! I coveted Grams’ ring from the moment she bought it because it truly encompassed her spirit! After Grams’ passing, I asked my mom several times if she knew where the ring went. Neither of us could ever find it, but somehow my mom discovered it hiding at the bottom of a jewelry box last year! I feel so lucky to wear one of Grams’ favorite rings she bought herself, and I love how it looks as a mixed metal ring combination with my Blue Nile one.

The gold ‘Kamalani’ bangle is extremely special to me because it’s a tradition in my Hawaiian culture to give a girl a Hawaiian bracelet on her 16th birthday. My Grams and Papa gave my sister hers but unfortunately, they passed away before my 16th. My parents were thoughtful and generous enough to give me my beloved Hawaiian bracelet engraved with a small message from my grandparents. I’ve always wanted to create a truly special and elaborate charm bracelet, and my partner has gifted me a handful of charms representing trips we’ve been on together in the past couple of years along with three of my favorite parts of life—a rat charm for my precious Michael and Quentin, a BU for Baylor, and a solid gold football for obvious reasons. On my other wrist, I wear the Tiffany & Co. Double Loving Heart Bracelet from my partner, the Names for Good Blue Aquamarine Bracelet with my and my partner’s initials surrounded by precious sky blue beads from my sister, and a green and gold heart tie bracelet my Hawaiʻi bff Mikayla gave me for Christmas!

Necklaces are some of the easiest jewelry pieces to layer in an accessory stack, and the two I’ve worn the most are my Madewell aquamarine beaded necklace and a little charm necklace I made out of my James Avery Deep in the Heart of Texas charm and Kinn Studio Maison Heart Locket I, which I would love to solder with other vintage gold charms on links of a necklace one day. My best friends are in Texas along with so many other people and memories I love, so it’s important to me that I always have the Texas charm on my necklace around my neck close to the locket from my partner (I still need to put my family’s and his pictures in the locket!). I always wear some type of large and/or colorful earring as well as satin ribbons in my braids, so those pieces are absolutely essential to my accessory stack as well!