The Essie Eternal Optimist Home Manicure

Essie Eternal Optimist

Is there anything better than a fresh at home manicure? Yes…a fancy salon manicure with extra glitter. I love a good dip or gel mani from Manoa Nails here at home or at Elegant Nail Spa in Waco. However, when the times are tough (and they always are), I like to file my own nails, trim the cuticles, and apply one of the polishes in my collection for a fun and affordable DIY mani. My mom recently gave me the Essie Eternal Optimist nail polish during one of her great bathroom clean outs and I loved the unique shade for everyday. I haven’t given myself many at home manicures recently, but Eternal Optimist was worth the extra work and attention. Because I’m about to start working as a TA at HBA’s summer school this week, I wanted to make sure that my nails were in proper condition with a chic and feminine polish job. I find that Eternal Optimist is one of the more longer lasting and easier to apply polishes of the Essie bunch, which is an added plus. I don’t usually reach for Essie polishes because they tend to chip quickly and take forever to apply due to their extremely thin brush and often streaky application. Eternal Optimist doesn’t fit in to the typical Essie mold at all. When I decided to paint my fingers, I prepped my nails by pushing back the cuticles with a metal cuticle stick and trimming away any excesses. My nails were already in the shape I wanted, so I briefly buffed the top layer of my nail bed and painted two thin coats of Eternal Optimist starting from the middle of my fingernails and working outward. I finished the at home manicure with a full topcoat layer to seal all of the polish and here’s my finished look: a fresh and pretty rose shade with no frills.