My Early Birthday Party Makeup Look

My early birthday party makeup

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Every year my Hawaiʻi best friends (making that distinction clear to satisfy Yonny and Lo) and I go all out to celebrate each other’s birthdays and yesterday was my early party! Although we haven’t all been together on our respective days of birth this year, we’ve still tried to honor each other as best as we can. I’m the luckiest of us because my actual birthday is close enough to Christmas that everyone’s usually home and available and I tend to have the most elaborate little get togethers (read about my birthday gathering last year here!). I’m extraordinarily thankful that all of my best Hawaiʻi pals got together and planned an early birthday party for me hosted by my lifelong bff Kaiʻolu at her family’s house. Of course that meant I had to think of the perfect early birthday party makeup look to match my outfit and accessories of choice. This year I had a few outfit options in mind with each look containing a shade of pink (obviously my favorite color). Because I did my early birthday party makeup before I picked the winning clothes, I wanted to make sure the beauty look would suit a couple of dresses and a sweater/skirt combo (which I think it would). I usually go for a dark brown sparkly smokey eye with lots of bronze and chocolate shades, but I instead opted for a shimmery dusty rose with smoked out outer corners and the perfect mauve lipgloss I just purchased yesterday from the drugstore. I filmed the whole look for a two-part TikTok (you can watch my makeup part above or over here) with my outfit selection being posted tomorrow. I think the makeup beautifully went with the dress I chose that had shades of pink, brown, white, black, blue, and green (how could a dress contain so many colors right?) and I felt confident and satisfied with my look!