My Double Tomato Cottage Cheese Pizza Toast

Cottage cheese pizza toast

One of the general food themes I’ve highlighted on This Is Noelle since I overhauled my nutrition choices in 2020 was incorporating as much protein and veg (and/or fruit) in my meals as possible (see any of my food posts over the past three years)! I discovered so many different foods I never would have tried before with many of them becoming my favorites to eat as often as possible. Before 2020 you wouldn’t catch me on the same menu page as any cooked fish, greek yogurt, savory oatmeal, spicy foods, beans, cabbage, or the very worst (to me at the time): cottage cheese. To be fair to myself, my fear of cottage cheese was never due to its texture or flavor profile. Because I grew up in the most fat phobic early 2000s (my mom was an 80s baby after all), my cottage cheese phobia arose from the era-specific Paris Hilton quote about Kim Kardashian’s butt looking like “cottage cheese in a trash bag.” So not only did I have a massive fear of my adolescent body being compared to lumpy curds at any point, but I also rejected cottage cheese for the next 15 years! All thanks to Paris Hilton. Once I watched enough TikToks to convince me that cottage cheese is literally…just cheese…with the same taste…I attempted my first recipe: pizza toast. This one seemed the safest and most user friendly, since it should ultimately taste like regular pizza flavors, and good g*d was I awoken to the wonders of this dairy product! I now incorporate cottage cheese in my scrambled eggs, omelettes, and anything else I can think of, but the pizza toast will always reign supreme for me. I start with a slice of sourdough bread and slather on two spoonfuls of the Classico Signature Recipes Pizza Sauce, which I firmly believe is the most delicious pizza sauce in the whole world. Garlicky, sweet, and tangy with rich, savory tomato notes? Sign me up. No need the fancy Rao’s or your own recipe when Classico Signature Recipes exists in our same universe! I add around 1/3 to 1/2 cup of the Good Culture Low-Fat Cottage Cheese (because TikTok told me it was the best one), and top both flavors with sliced cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes! Lastly, I finish the perfect pizza toast with heavy dashes of garlic powder and Italian seasoning to really bump up the traditional pizza flavor. After baking in my Breville on a pizza stone at 425 until the cheese bubbles and the sun-dried tomatoes char, I’m left with the crispiest crunch of sourdough and gooey cottage cheese opposite creamy and slightly earthy cottage cheese in the center. Both tomato formats caramelize for a sweet bomb of flavor and the seasonings remind me of my favorite restaurant pizza. Now it’s not J Dolans, but I would choose this cottage cheese pizza toast any day of the week!