My Current Denim Jacket Pin Collection

Denim jacket pin collection

I probably need more pins, right? One of the equally most exciting and annoying aspects of the fashion industry is how trends recycle over the years (definitely not looking forward to the day early 2000s looks are popular once again), and pins and patches have recently reestablished a place in popular street styles. Fun and colorful buttons and fabric patches can be spotted on all sorts of clothing pieces, but the most popular blank canvas is the iconic denim jacket. A few years ago, I saw a heavily embellished denim jacket on Pinterest and decided that piece of outwear must be mine. I loved how easy it seemed to personalize such a classic item of clothing that can be worn all year long with only a few steps. Because denim jackets are also incredibly popular for all ages, adding distinct decor from a patch and pin collection to the outside layer not only customizes an otherwise plain piece, but also creates a unique piece of art tailored to each person. My favorite part of crafting a jacket that’s just for me is how I can wear my denim and onlookers can instantly know what my interests and passions are. Starting with the beloved Madewell coat I bought in high school, I focused on gathering and collecting all sorts of enamel pins and buttons related to topics of my interest. As expected, most of my assortment features prominent activists and social justice issues about which I deeply care. After wearing my Madewell jacket almost everyday for years, I traded it in for a softer, more flattering LOFT jacket that fits me like a glove and still matches all of my outfits. I’ve either purchased or been given each of the pins in my pin collection and I thoroughly treasure all of them. I consider my denim jacket an artwork in progress and will continue adding more buttons and patches as I compile more pieces related to my passions. This summer, I even plan on adding some professional embroidery to the back of the jacket citing my abolitionist plans (abolish borders, abolish prisons, abolish ICE) and I can’t wait for my pin collection to expand throughout the years!

  1. Malcolm X enamel pin
  2. Impeach Trump button
  3. Black Lives Matter enamel pin
  4. Aloha enamel pin
  5. All Oppression is Connected button
  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign button
  7. Hawaiʻi All State Marching Band enamel pin
  8. I’m Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity enamel pin
  9. Keep Abortion Safe and Legal button
  10. Books Not Bullets button
  11. Colin Kaepernick enamel pin
  12. Fuckboy Repellent enamel pin
  13. End Police Brutality button
  14. Hae Hawaiʻi enamel pin
  15. Angela Davis enamel pin