My Color Combination of the Summer

My favorite color combination
Colorful me on Poshmark

Zara dress (old, similar here), A New Day tank top, Kinn Studio necklaceGorjana necklace, Amazon socks, Nike shoes, The Sak bag via Poshmark (similar here)

Although I’ve previously ranted on and on here and here about how much I hate the summer time and dressing for 85+ degree weather every day (I shouldn’t complain when my bffs live in Waco temperatures) and why my layered outfits are semi one-dimensional because I simply can’t put any additional fabrics on my sweating limbs, I have experienced a style awakening, if you will, over the past few-several months. I don’t have many “aha” moments in my life aside from my regular all prisons and cops should be abolished, no one should have to work to afford to live, everyone should be housed and fed and cared for for free in a healthy society, Baylor is the only athletics department that matters, and pink and orange and yellow are the perfect color combination for the season (and forever).

The spring and summertime gave me an early desire to discover my true style and how I want to put clothes and accessories together instead of just wearing them as is. Pink, yellow, and orange used to exist in separate bubbles in my mind, but now they are everything when I’m looking for a color combination of the day. And when I can blend the shades in one outfit with lots of jewels, ribbons, layers, and textures? That’s a five star meal in my book. To achieve this ideal outfit (that even Poshmark liked enough to share on their account), I started with a base of my old hot pink Zara shirt dress that is much too short for the office, but a perfect length for my real life. I layered over the dress an orange tank top my mom bought for me that looks better as a layering piece than on its own and suddenly, the two pieces are now a look! My regular pink ribbons tied off my braids, I stacked my everyday Kinn Studio heart locket and Gorjana snake chain, and put my old favorite Madewell gold and pink earrings in my “too-fat-to-pierce” earlobes (according to the Claire’s sales associate who ear-shamed me in middle school). My partner surprised me with the most perfect sneakers for me in the world in the form of Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka Sneakers in Summit White/Solar Flare/Medium Soft Pink/Hyper Pink and I’m almost too afraid of their beauty to wear them. I thought these long orange socks would be the best color match for the outfit! I finished the look with a yellow mustard The Sak bag I purchased from Poshmark and tied my absolute most worn Zara scarf around.