My Castle vs Radford Newspaper Capsule

My Castle vs Radford capsule

Thankfully, Friday night’s Castle vs Radford game was nowhere near as stressful and dramatic as last week’s Nanakuli vs Kaimuki debacle where I made every mistake of my nightmares. This was the first week since I began freelancing where I was unfamiliar with both teams, but after my previously mentioned horrendous performance, I felt entirely confident and ready to do my best work at Radford. Even though their stadium is literally 10 minutes away from my house, I had never been to the school before, so it was a nice change to work at the Castle vs Radford game. Friday night was their Homecoming, so the stands were completely filled with students and parents prepared to celebrate their annual Homecoming court. Unfortunately, the Castle vs Radford game was one of the more monotonous ones that I’ve covered because it was low scoring and I don’t have any connection to the teams. However, it was exciting to watch the big scoring plays, such as the 95-yard interception return by Radford senior DB Chase Daack, which thrilled the fans. After the game I interviewed Castle’s head coach for my Hawaii Prep World article (read here!) and he as well as the other coaches I interacted with was the nicest ever. One of the best parts about this writing gig (besides getting paid to do what I love most) is having the opportunity to meet with coaches and athletes I wouldn’t ever have talked to after every game. Of course it’s scary to go up to grown men and interview them, especially as an unassuming girl, but doing the post game interviews has boosted my confidence immensely. Although the Castle vs Radford game wasn’t the most exciting of my writing career, it gave me another chance to perfect my craft and meet new people and that’s all I could ever ask for.