My Castle vs Moanalua Newspaper Capsule

Castle vs Moanalua capsule

Over the past six or so weeks, I’ve mainly watched and covered DII games– spending most of my weekends with Nanakuli, Roosevelt, Waialua, and more. On Friday, however, I was assigned to the Castle vs Moanalua game at Moanalua where I had to walk almost 30 minutes up and down their huge ass hill and watch the school’s marching band for the first time since I hated them in high school (and still hate them today…band drama am I right?). Despite Moanalua being only a 7 minute drive from my house, it took me 25 minutes total to get to the press box as I had to go back home and rely on my mom to drop me off when the parking lots were entirely filled because damn their fans really show up on Homecoming night. I expected the Castle vs Moanalua game to be full of scores on both sides since the last time I covered Castle, they hung 20 points on Radford in their victory. But as soon as the game started, I knew I had the predicted outcome wrong. No. 6 Na Menehune swept the Knights 48-0 after notching 8 interceptions with 2 pick 6s throughout the game. Castle unfortunately didn’t make any valuable adjustments, even after their starting QB threw 3 interceptions in the first half. While they switched to a wildcat offense and put their best WR/RB hybrid Kala Matthews under center, they swapped him out int he second half for the QB who threw a few more picks after and secured Na Menehune’s win in the Castle vs Moanalua game. The latter’s defensive backs were outstanding in every quarter and I wrote about two of the athletes’ performances for my Hawaii Prep Article here. We only have two weeks left in the regular season so stay tuned for the remainder of my newspaper capsules!