My Button Poetry Collection

Since the start of December, I’ve collected a handful of poetry chapbooks from Button Poetry– my favorite publishing company of beautiful poems. I discovered the publisher as I binge watched Rudy Francisco and William Evans’ spoken word poetry during one of my panic attack episodes. Both of their words calmed me and I immediately scoured the internet for their written writings. I’ve been so inspired by the pieces I found, so I added four of my favorite authors’ books to my bookshelf. Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn, Helium by Rudy Francisco, Still Can’t Do My Daughter’s Hair by William Evans, and Depression & Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim are each filled with gorgeous metaphors, imagery, and analogies that I haven’t found in any other poetry book (besides that of my idols Clint Smith and Sarah Kay). If you’re looking for a life-changing chapbook that will make you laugh, cry, and soak in the goodness of true beauty, purchase one (or all four) of these books ASAP!