My 2023 Holiday Wishlist

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I used to blog about the collection of pieces I wanted as gifts for my birthday and Christmas (I still think it’s rude that I have to wait the entire year for my two favorite days back to backevery year and as the years have passed, it’s been more difficult to remember what I’ve yearned for over 12 months when I draft my latest wishlist. I usually hand off my wishlists to the ladies in my family so they know what to buy for my two best days (and now I have a partner to add as a recipient!) and this year I have a bunch of potential gifts I’d desire in my 2023 holiday wishlist! Since I finally began discovering my personal style and have focused on creating beautiful looks through layered accessories, many of my 2023 holiday gift ideas are geared toward jewels, scarves, shoes, and home goods (because who doesn’t love a home that reflects your personal style?)!

I’ve always yearned for a fabulous solid gold charm bracelet since the early days of my youth when Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own told sixth grade me that I must have one of my own (even though I had a whole $30 to my name!). My partner has graciously helped me build a beautiful bracelet I love and wear on the regular, and/but I’ve increasingly been interested in charm necklaces now! I know, poor guy—give me a bracelet and I’ll take a necklace! My style inspiration Heather Hurst aka pigmami displayed her growing collection of charm necklaces and because I occasionally wore my Kinn Studio heart locket in combination with my James Avery Texas charm, my own charm necklace was born! I’ve transported a couple of charms from my bracelet to my necklace, but now four’s a crowd, so I’m looking for a charm connector/clasp/adaptor as a key component of my 2023 holiday wishlist. One could only DREAM of owning a Marla Aaron lock, so I was thrilled to find the Anygolds Solid Gold Charm Enhancer Connector in 14K gold. Locks or carabiners are perfect for charm necklaces as they allow for spacing and additional texture and interest among each piece. This carabiner is a wonderful price for solid gold, especially compared to others on the market! I would add it to my current charm necklace to create space between my four charms or I’d make a new necklace and include charms in this connector! Scarves are one of my favorite every day accessory for my hair, neck, waist, or bag, and I love the colors and pattern of the Echo Finger Paint Silk Square. You all know I’m not one to shy away from mixing colors, so I’d most likely wear this scarf around my neck with one of the main shades featured and with lots of necklaces on top! Speaking of necklaces, is there anything cuter than the Susan Alexandra Petite Bag Necklace? I’m convinced my body is comprised of 70% watermelon as I usually eat one every week or so when the fruit is in season, and I’m especially obsessed now that I’ve learned about its relationship to Palestinian iconography. Another scarf on my 2023 wishlist is the Saturday Silks Waco Saturday Scarf—a gorgeous green and gold silk square with very Baylor elements like a green bear, green boots, a gold bell, vaguely Dr. Pepper soda bottle, Magnolia flowers and trees, and a star in Waco. Baylor and Waco are obviously two of my great passions, so I would wear this scarf on game days and with any other white, green, or yellow outfit for work or play! I discovered the Keane Layered Sphere Ring in Opal Peach 6 when another favorite creator, Kate of readwritethrift posted about working with the brand and receiving some of their jewelry. All of their pieces are handmade and made to order in New York, and I love the colors and texture of the Borosilicate glass! I would add this ring to my collection for color and dimension against my silver and gold rings. I’ve slowly added more personality decor to my home—adding a bright colorful rug to the living room, ribbons and tchotchkes in the kitchen, and pictures and magnets wherever I can find space—and the Kassatex Chairish Towel Bundle in Blue/Forest Green would be a warm welcome (pun intended) to my built in colorful bathroom. My partner and I have a handful of plain white and royal blue towels from Target, but there’s nothing more luxurious than a gorgeous set of lavish cotton with scalloped edges! The color red has been an unsung hero in my wardrobe this year with more pieces and accessories popping up in the cherry shade, so I love the idea of the Intimissimi Boat Neck Modal Cashmere Ultralight Top in Red Small layered under an open button down or on its own with a lacy bralette to display its ultra sheer cashmere. Picture this poppy top with a black bra, wide leg denim, a red ribbon around the neck, and my green Ganni boots? Perfection. Next up is wouldn’t you guess it? Another scarf! Specifically the Lost Pattern x Leatherology Silk Square Scarf in Pastel: a pastel/neutral girl’s dream. The design is quite retro with and would be ideal for a hair bandana or folded belt format in the spring or fall! I especially love that Leatherology is based in Texas, which makes the scarf even more special. One of the only non-charm connector charms I’m looking at for my 2023 wishlist is the Yeah It’s Jewelry Tamborine Charm with Guitar, which is an 18K gold music lover’s wonder especially since it jingles! Imagine how grand this charm would be on one of the charm connectors to add layers in my necklaces!

A very Noelle necklace can be found in the form of the Meredith Waterstraat Necklace 3921 composed of Indonesian glass, Afghan jade, Lapis Lazuli, conch flowers, coral, and horn. I like to think of this necklace as a far more accessible version of a Don’t Let Disco (which I love) piece for those of us who can’t yet afford Ashley’s pricing! I would wear this necklace with any of my every day colorful outfits, but I love the idea of it against a navy top with a silk skirt and chunky sneakers. A piece of artwork I’m loving at the moment is this genuine David Shrigley print of a banana that says “The Moment Has Arrived, The Banana Is Ripe.” Pigmami has one of David Shrigley’s posters in her room and I love this one because I’m a banana fiend and I like the reminder that I need to act on different aspects of my life when the time is ready. I’ve raved on and on about my passion for my yellow MaryJaneTbilisi flats, which I’ve worn absolutely to death on here and in person since I purchased them early last year. I’ve worn the shoes at least twice a week every single week and they still look 90% brand new! I would be honored to own another pair of Tita’s flats, this time in—you guessed it—Red 38 to match all of my other new red pieces throughout the year. I would not wait to style them with frilly white socks and a pink dress! I’m now a fan of cutesy mismatched earrings, and these Warm Clay Co. Savory Bites Earrings had to secure a place on my 2023 wishlist as I love both olives and peppers! The McCorriston side of my family adores olives, so I would think of all of us together when I’d see/wear these with my ribbons and overall dresses. For options I included another charm connector on my 2023 collection as an alternative choice from the same shop Anygolds, with this one being the Anygolds Solid Gold Hinged Clicker Round Charm Enhancer. Yet another beautiful and solid gold piece for charms, this circle connector has a clicker instead of a carabiner spin off and on and would look striking on a longer gold chain with 2-3 dainty or enamel charms. While I’m sure we’d all love a tennis necklace à la Lorelai Gilmore when Luke gave her one for Valentine’s Day from Logan who bought Rory both a necklace and bracelet and shared the necklace with Luke when Luke didn’t buy Lorelai anything. Did I need to make that sentence as long as it was? Absolutely not. For those of us who are on a tighter budget but still want the look of a tennis necklace without going for a pricier option like the currently popular Dorsey one that’s $620 for gold plated silver, you could go for this equally as aesthetically appealing Madewell The Tennis Collection Bezel Set Crystal Necklace in Pale Gold! Madewell’s jewelry is also gold plated, which I normally wouldn’t go for on pricier options, but I’ve worn their pieces for years and haven’t had one complaint yet! This “tennis necklace” is delicate without the exorbitant price of other options, and it would immediately add interest to a necklace stack! The sole beauty item on my 2023 list is the Kaja Beauty Jelly Charm in Fig Soda. I know I already own more berry-toned lip products than any one woman would need, but the combination of the brown berry shade with the glossy texture and the added charms makes this lip product a must for a purple-hued lip lover like me! There couldn’t be a 2023 wishlist for Noelle without a pair of colorful socks, now could there? I wear socks with my flats, closed toe heels, open toe heels, and sneakers, and I’m not slowing down yet! I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth out of my frilly Amazon socks, so now I’m itching for these bright Boden 5-Pack Ribbed Ankle Socks in Multi, Bold for the end of year/new year. I love how they’re not only one solid color, but have added interest with a two-tone on each heel and toe! They would be perfect for my open toe heels like my all-time favorite Charlotte Stone Lenu shoes in Kortman. Finally if you’ve made it this far, my last 2023 wishlist item is another home decor piece: the Lindsey Cheek It Is Not Too Late Print. Because I haven’t yet figured out what I want to do with my life, sometimes I feel like I’m too late to try something new or attempt a different job. I would love to hang this print in my living room or bedroom to remind me that I’m only 26!!! A baby!!! And the whole world is wide open for whatever I decide I want.