My 2019 Resolutions

2019 is going to be a huge year for me personally and academically as I finally move on from my undergrad education and become an actual grown human! If anyone has any tips on how to make a seamless transition from baby human to living, breathing adult, please give me all of the advice. I have a growing collection of goals and plans for the next seven-eight years of my life, so why not get started over the upcoming 12 months? I expect a year full of hard work, exciting opportunities, enjoying my last year in Waco, and working on getting to my dream city with a dream job. I’m trying to not put so much pressure on myself to accomplish all of these resolutions, but it’s fun to see what my goals were for each year and acknowledge the successes and failures throughout.

  • Improve my GPA as much as possible in the last semester.
  • Go to every single class and earn full attendance credit (okay I know, this one is kind of a joke).
  • Graduate from college!!!!
  • Write one to two poems per month.
  • Find an exciting and relevant job related to social justice in Texas.
  • Go six months (doesn’t have to be consecutive) without buying new clothes.
  • Earn a teaching certificate to use in either Texas or New York.
  • Spend Thanksgiving in the city again with Brandon, Parker, and Mikayla.
  • Get at least one poem published in a journal.
  • Stop going to sleep at 4 am every night.
  • Work out consistently four times a week.
  • Find a volunteer position at any prison in Texas.
  • Read one non-school related book each month.
  • Craft the perfect resumé and cover letter for every job on the wish list.
  • Finally let go of former friends who no longer add any good to my life.