Multicolored Knit and Silk and Corduroy

Knit and silk and corduroy

White House Black Market top via Savers, Uniqlo sweater, J.Crew skirt, Amazon socks, Adidas shoesEcho New York scarf, Kinn Studio locketJames Avery Texas charm, Rat charm (similar here), Charmco Football charmAnygolds carabinerHASUKIKU dog clip

Today’s outfit is somehow a near identical copy of my cargo pant post from last month in a slightly different font! I started with one of my favorite Uniqlo sweaters I wear nearly once a week with my daily outfits. These sweaters are irreplaceable in my closet as they’re the perfect weight for Hawaiʻi weather—thin, but still keeps me warm when I work in the office—and are cropped at my exact waist. There are uses for multiple sweater lengths (I spent a hefty chunk of change on a black feathery heavyweight knit that hit at my mid thigh in 2014), but I wear these semi-cropped Uniqlo ones almost exclusively. I wore the ribbed knit sweater over another type of knit in the form of a pink sleeveless turtleneck top from White House Black Market I thrifted at Savers! I’m a sucker for any type of mockneck or turtleneck, and especially one I can layer under other tops, sweaters, or dresses! To mismatch the outfit textures, I went for my forest green corduroy skirt I purchased at the Waco J.Crew last October, which fits like a dream. I know corduroy feels more like an autumnal or pre-winter fabric, but I love how it looks paired with lighter textiles in the spring and summer! Speaking of summer, my Echo NY silk scarf holds some of my favorite bold and bright shades I sport in this outfit and others! I find scarves to be a versatile year-round accessory, and a thin true silk like this one doesn’t warm my neck too much. I had to finish the look with my beloved Adidas sneakers and frilly socks with my chunky charm necklace stack!


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