Moving Into My Reorganized Closet at Home

My reorganized closet
Dresses in reorganized closet
Undergarments and swimsuits
Sleeping clothes and workout outfits
Pants, skirts, and rompers in reorganized closet
Jackets and coats
Scarves and knickknacks

After almost a full week at home, I finally unpacked my suitcases and boxes so I’m no longer living out of luggage! I avoided removing everything I shipped from Waco because I’m a lazy piece of shit and because the idea of unloading every piece of clothing, book, and belonging was overwhelming. When I eventually dragged myself out of bed and started to contemplate physically moving all of my Baylor self into my Hawaiʻi home, I started to restructure my clothing and accessories into a format that’s both efficient and aesthetically pleasing by creating a reorganized closet. I pulled out every item from my closet, donated a bunch of clothes, and threw away any old garments that weren’t worthy of giving away until I had a clean closet canvas with which I could work. I started with hanging up all of my dresses in a color-coded fashion going from white to blue, purple, pink, orange, red, yellow, green, and black. My old wardrobe space had no rhyme or reason for how each piece was draped, so my new reorganized closet had to be methodical and meticulously designed. I also organized my tops in a color-coded manner, starting with pink and moving to blue, green, red, yellow, peach, white, gray, and black. For both my dresses and tops, I chose to hang the pieces based on how many items were in that color group. The more items I had of a certain color were placed closest to the reorganized closet dividers. I learned how to fold my sweaters using the KonMari method, which helped even my bulkiest layers lie flat on top of each other. I once again divided the jumpers into stacks based upon color and pattern, keeping the thickest pieces on the bottom of my shelf. For the two drawers in my reorganized closet, I placed all of my undergarments and swimsuits in the first one, with all of my sleeping clothes and workout pieces in the second. My shorts, skirts, jeans, pants, and rompers all went in the right hand portion of my closet system with items grouped together in two based upon use and style. I added all of my jackets and coats to the bottom portion, organized by occasion and thickness. I kept my jackets in order from denim to rain jackets, fleece, waterproof, faux fur, and wool coats! I finished my reorganized closet by sorting my scarves in a neat pile by weight and style. The blanket and cashmere scarves were heaviest and my thin tissue scarves were topped with two of my favorite headbands. I placed my kīhei and pareu on the right side of the pile with my koa jewelry box on top and a sweet Kate Spade bow belt in front! I probably don’t need clothes for a while…