Mixing Rivalry Colors

Rivalry colors in an outfit

Zara sweater (old, similar here), Uniqlo pants, Target belt, J.Crew shoes via Poshmark (similar here), Madewell earrings, Kinn Studio necklaceGorjana necklace

My dad owns more Baylor and Baylor Athletics apparel than anyone I know, even rivaling the closets of most athletics workers! When I first started sharing videos of us watching Baylor football games (see the likes of them here!), I received handfuls of inquiries from fellow Baylor fans wondering where dad purchased all of his green and gold outfits. Of course he forbade me from sharing his shopping secrets despite the world’s massive collection of BU clothes and accessories not disappearing should more folks shop in the same places. Believe me, he could wear a different Baylor shirt and/or pant and/or hat and/or jacket every day for a year from the selection in his closet if he wanted to! I don’t own the same plethora of Baylor clothes as dad does, but I’ve filled my own wardrobe with handfuls of green and/or gold and/or yellow pieces over the past several years with a preference for Baylor-ish silk scarves (a couple of which I received for Christmas!). And while I love wearing green and gold as often as possible, I wanted to create contrast by mixing them with rivalry colors from our tied for 1st hated opponents. As much as I love Baylor shades, I absolutely despise seeing the rivalry colors of our fellow Big 12 teams (specifically two of the ones in Texas), which sometimes limits my outfit pool. I thought these lilac pants would be a good place to start mixing hues as they’re not quite T*U and they most definitely aren’t burnt orange. In my olden days of wearing predictable outfits, I would have paired my favorite green and yellow floral sweater with jeans or shorts, but I love how they look positioned against an equally bright shade for added interest. And while I love how the outfit came together, I don’t suspect my dad will hang up his Baylor pants to wear a similar one!


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