Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls

My hair and I have had a complicated relationship ever since elementary school. After straightening or curling my locks everyday for four years, I was left with limp, frizzy strands from root to tip. Only after burning my flat iron three years ago have I seen an improvement in my hair’s texture. Recently I’ve been searching for curly hair products that will naturally create the curls and waves of my childhood. I’ve used Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls for the past two weeks and I love how it defines my curls without weighing them down! The product is designed specifically for mixed race people, which is perfect for my Polynesian-Asian hair. I apply the curling cream to my hair after I get out of the shower and scrunch away to create the definition between each wave. I sleep on my hair curled under my head and wake up with the most naturally wavy texture. I tried the DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel in the past which I wrote about, but the gel made my hair crispy and sticky to the touch. Miss Jessie’s, however, doesn’t feel greasy or hard, but leaves my locks bouncy and frizz free. I included the picture above of me and KaiÊ»olu to show off my hair using the curling cream (and because our food looks so damn good). The tube is a bit pricey, but is worth the money for the texture it provides!