Mille Feuille Nabe in 15 Minutes

Mille feuille nabe

I’ve been the laziest of bitches when it comes to cooking lately so I’m always looking for the easiest recipe at dinner time (here’s another quick one!). I blame the anxiety around my career change and other external factors (I won’t name them because I don’t know what they are) for my recent semi-disinterest in the kitchen and this mille feuille nabe is the perfect meal for lethargic girls like me! This nabe comes together in 15 minutes with only a few ingredients and I’ve already made it thrice at my partner’s request! Who needs an expensive Japanese restaurant when you’ve got cheap cabbage and the thinnest of meats?

Ingredients (for two people in one medium sized pot):

  • 1/2 of a won bok head
  • 1/5-3/4 pound of shabu shabu beef or pork (if these sliced meats aren’t available where you live, cut beef or pork as thinly as possible so they cook quickly)
  • 1/2 can chicken stock
  • Ponzu


  1. Cut a head of won bok in half and reserve the other half for another serving of mille feuille nabe
  2. Thoroughly clean each leaf of won bok
  3. Layer 2-3 strips of shabu shabu meat of choice on interior side of won bok leaf
  4. Repeat process of layering meat on won bok with other leaves, alternating directions so the leaves stack evenly on top of each other
  5. Once all meat is used up, cut stacks into 1-2 inch pieces and place around perimeter of medium-sized pot
  6. Ensure all pieces are tightly packed together so they steam quicker
  7. Pour chicken stock (veggie stock is okay too!) over the mille feuille nabe
  8. Place pot on medium high heat and cover with lid
  9. Steam the nabe for 5-8 minutes or until won bok is tender and flimsy
  10. When ready to eat, dip nabe pieces in ponzu and eat over fresh, white rice