Mentally Preparing for Super Tuesday Absurdity

Mentally preparing for Bernie's run

Most days have consisted of at least one absolute bonkers story since Tr*mp ran for office (let’s be honest, since the first American presidential election), and today was no exception. What leftist voters (specifically speaking to Bernie fans like me) knew was going to happen finally happened: all of the establishment Democratic Presidential candidates banded together and endorsed Joe Biden prior to Super Tuesday tomorrow. Of course, we’ve been mentally preparing for this exact scenario to happen, but it’s still absurd and upsetting to see occur in real time. I’ve never called myself a Democrat for this exact reason. Democrats, just like Republicans, are at will to the corporate lobbyists, capitalist industries, and greedy powers that be—dedicated only to their love of power and money while showing the majority of regular people how little we actually matter. Mentally preparing for tomorrow is an anxiety-inducing task, because I know what will happen, as much as I’d love to prevent it. Instead of rallying around the Democratic frontrunner, aka Bernie: the one who consistently polls higher than everyone else against D*nald Tr*mp, the DNC and establishment are more interested in ensuring that nothing changes. They were happy and fulfilled during the Obama era, blissfully ignoring millions of Americans suffering under crippling student loan debt, dying from a lack of healthcare, living on the street, and being locked in cages for decades (from a Crime Bill, which Biden himself authored). They call it a “return to normalcy and decency,” though I don’t believe that people dying without medicine, people locked in cells, people deported at the border, people eating scraps out of trash cans, people choosing between rent and food, is normal or decent. I don’t believe in a country (let’s not forget though, I don’t support any part of America) that considers murdering innocent people in Black and Brown countries (what Obama literally did) heroic or establishing peace. I don’t believe that a country based on racist, misogynistic capitalism will ever be racially equitable. I don’t believe that a country who incarcerates more people than other countries combined is free at all. I don’t believe in a country that watches its civilians die because they can’t afford cancer treatments or insulin. And I don’t believe (according to the polls) that democracy should be chosen by the rich and powerful. Joe Biden, save for a miraculous turnout of young voters of color, will probably become the Democratic nominee, and I will never be mentally preparing for the 2020 election day where Tr*mp absolutely demolishes him. So, if you’re passionate about true peace, justice, equity, and a country that works for everyone, vote for Bernie Sanders tomorrow in any of the Super Tuesday states (Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia). Let’s show the establishment that together, we will never be stopped.