Me and My Harmonicas

From the moment I discovered Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”, I knew that I wanted to play the harmonica. Fast forward seven years and here I am with a set of 12. Although this collection may seem unnecessary for a non-music major like myself, think again. I received this amazing Christmas gift from my aunty and uncle and have carried around all 12 with me in my purse (I know, I know…I’m crazy). A Harmonica is a special musical instrument. While violins and pianos play to the more classical spirit, the harmonica is what completely drew me in to the creative world of music. I aspired to be a performing musician with a guitar and a harmonica holder around my neck, similar to the likes of Billy and Priscilla Ahn. Although I may never set foot on a stage or perform to an audience of adoring minds, I will always have my harmonicas and Billy’s “Piano Man” playing in my head.