Maui Trip 2015 | Maui Ocean Center

On the second day of my trip to Maui, we went on a ‘field trip’ to the Maui Ocean Center and it was amazing! I’ve never been interested in the ocean or its inhabitants, but this year I’ve really taken a liking to the topic. Although I won’t be the first person to jump in the big blue sea, I might just dabble in it near the shore! The aquarium showcased huge and beautiful fish and other sea creatures that were interesting to look at. Unlike the aquarium here on O‘ahu, the Maui center was fun and allowed its visitors to take their time going through each exhibit and tank. There was an underwater tunnel to sit in and walk through and a big lawn on which to eat lunch or to simply lounge in the sun. It was a really interesting and fun place to visit and I highly recommend it- even if you never want to step foot in the ocean!