Matthew Mayer is an Unsung Baylor MBB Hero

Matthew Mayer

Last week I wrote about the Baylor Men’s Basketball team thus far (over halfway through the 2020-2021 season) and how junior guard Jared Butler is undoubtedly the team’s best athlete. I would actually like to write an amendment to that post where I highlight a different player on the team who’s made a massive impact on the squad’s success thus far this season—junior guard/small forward Matthew Mayer. Mayer hasn’t received the same amount of media attention and coverage that Butler has because he’s been a bench player the past three seasons during the 63 games he’s played in. According to Baylor Athletics, Mayer has “scored in double-figures 10 times off bench over first two seasons,” though he’s not usually touted as being one of the Bears’ best players—that is, until this season. the guard/small forward has begun to find his stride in his junior year even though he was already a four star recruit coming out of Westlake High School in Austin. What I wrote in the post about Butler is relevant to Mayer in that “Baylor men’s basketball is different from most of the other top national squads as they focus more on team building and player development than teams under the likes of Krzyzewski, Self, Calipari, and Izzo. Watching Baylor play is unique because the same faces reappear for 3-4 years as opposed to the Kansas’ and Kentucky’s that see star “one and done” NBA prospects. Head Coach Scott Drew develops his teams to become true team players so as the years go by, players are willing to stay and wait their turn on the bench.” This season alone, Mayer is averaging 50% of field goals (50/100), 44.7% of three pointers (17/38), and 58.6% of free throws (17/29) with 19 assists, 6 blocks, and 8.4 points. He had a season-high 16 points against Oklahoma, but has scored in double digits seven times thus far. At least on scoring, Mayer has doubled his efficiency as his 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 season averages were 4.6 and 4.8 points. Mayer is lengthy, quick, and aggressive in the paint. He’s willing to take a shot whenever he has an opening and he’s not afraid to push through several defenders to get inside. Should he continue performing at the rate he’s at, Mayer will definitely give the Bears an edge in their postseason run!