Matthew Mayer Announces Return to Baylor MBB

Matthew Mayer

The 2020-2021 Baylor Men’s Basketball team was an unfathomably perfect combination of athletes at every position. The Bears have had countless fantastic groupings over the past couple of decades, but none matched what turned out to be Baylor’s first ever National Championship team (read about their victory back in April here!). Shortly after the Bears won the title, players including new fan favorite senior F Matthew Mayer—unsurprisingly released declarations for the upcoming NBA Draft on July 29 (see Davion Mitchell, MaCio Teague, and Jared Butler‘s announcements in this post). In his Instagram post on April 14, Matthew Mayer said, “Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, with that being said I will be declaring for the 2021 NBA Draft while maintaining eligibility.” Last year during the offseason before the Bears’ triumphant and historic 2020-2021 run, Teague and Butler had both declared for the NBA Draft and rescinded their attempts to return to school. Athletes like Matthew, Teague, and Butler are allowed to enter their names in the Draft to gain a better understanding of where they might place in the order, should they be picked at all. Mayer became a popular athlete to watch during Baylor’s incredible title run because of his defensive play and ability to nail big 3s when the team needed an offensive boost (I wrote about his abilities back in January). He wasn’t as point-heavy as Gs like Mitchell, Teague, or Butler, but Mayer was clutch in the quieter parts of games where Baylor wasn’t nailing any of their shots. This past seasons Mayer recorded 48.9% (92-188) of his field goals, 39.5% (30-76) of 3s, and 59.2% (29-49) of free throws with a total of 29 assists, 8 blocks, 36 steals, and 243 points. Prior to the National Championship game, Mayer was shooting 40% of his 3s alongside 5+ of his other teammates. The Bears just lost some unique talent to the Draft, so bringing Matthew Mayer back is fantastic news!