Matt Rhule Named Carolina Panthers Head Coach

Matt Rhule

It’s official everyone– after just three years as the Baylor football Head Coach, Matt Rhule is leaving Waco to take the same position with the Carolina Panthers. There’s been speculation about whether Rhule would stay at Baylor long term since multiple NFL teams arranged conversations and/or meetings with him in 2018. Although the Bears at the time improved to reach a 7-6 record (a great leap from his 1-11 inaugural season!), I don’t think Baylor fans had as much to worry about when Rhule interviewed with professional teams. He hadn’t yet reached his stride and the team wasn’t close to where they’d be in the 2019 season where they nearly broke a program record for wins and Rhule was named Big 12 Coach of the Year (along with many other accolades). Baylor’s success– jumping from 1-11 to 11-3 in two years– seemed like just the start of the famous Matt Rhule era, but before we knew it, he had moved on to a bigger and better adventure (as if those exist outside of Baylor football…I think not) on the professional level. Today, Matt Rhule accepted a 7-year $62 million contract with the Carolina Panthers, stealing him from Baylor and even an interview with his “dream job” aka the New York Giants. I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy to wish Rhule well and move on, because as a Baylor football fan and former athletics employee, I’m thoroughly invested in the program. However, I understand that coaches are always going to come and go and it’s the athletes who are most affected, not me or the other alumni who have too much time on their hands and harass former coaches on social media (talking about the lame ass alumni, not me). Rhule’s era was nothing short of miraculous and the worst part of him leaving is that it feels unfinished. I wish we could have had five solid years of Rhule and co. developing athletes who love the game and represent Baylor as best they can. Maybe after all that time (and success, obviously), it would be much less difficult to say goodbye and watch our football jedi make a home in a new state. Instead of dying inside and moping around over this news, I think it’s safe to say that Associate Head Coach and DE Coach Joey McGuire is the man for the head coaching job and he deserves every good thing in the world! And who knows, maybe one day Rhule will be back in the green and gold! For now, I wish him success and thank the old gods for everything the football team has accomplished in such a short period of time. Let’s remember the Matt Rhule era and prepare ourselves for the much deserved Joey McGuire moments of Baylor football!