Mary Jane Tbilisi Flats Are the Best Made Shoes

Mary Jane Tblisi flats

Mary Jane flats have been trendy for the past year or so as they can suit all styles and aesthetics depending on their material and craftsmanship (though I’ve been a Mary Jane girl for years and years!). Last year I purchased these bright yellow leather flats from Mary Jane Tbilisi on Etsy as an alternative to my closet’s countless pointed toe flats and mules. My favorite fashion blogger Julia Berolzheimer wore these flats in one of her posts in Spring 2022 and I loved them for their shocking color and affordability (since I can’t afford anything else on her site!). I loved colors back then, but I wasn’t as invested in mixing and matching patterns and shades as I am now. Since I’ve discovered my style and penchant for outfits of stacked colors, my yellow shoes have become the ultimate neutral I wear with almost every single outfit (as seen here, here, here, and here)! Mary Jane Tbilisi is a brand of handmade shoes by owner Tita who sells them on Etsy. She specializes in Mary Janes crafted in an array of materials like suede, velvet, cotton, and leather, but also creates and sells ballerina flats, suede loafers, pumps, leather sandals, and kids shoes. Tita handcrafts each of the shoes in Georgia and almost always has a limited supply of footwear on the siteā€”so don’t expect shoes of all colors, patterns, and sizes throughout the year. I ordered my yellow flats in February 2022 and because Tita beautifully crafts every pair, I received my finished product two months later. As soon as I put the shoes on my feet, I could feel the difference between my fast fashion pairs (I used to love Old Navy footwear even though they broke quickly and had no padding) and the craftsmanship of a real artisan. The shoes have arch support and cushioned padding throughout the soles and the straps haven’t once given me a blister. I’ve worn them 4-5 times every week for the past 13 months and the leather is barely scuffed or scratched (despite my extremely heavy footing). The shoe bottoms themselves aren’t as torn up as most of my other shoes are even though they’re the most worn of any of them. I’m obsessed with the color, texture, and durability, and I love how they wear with all of my colorful socks and outfits! If I were to only own one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, they would undoubtedly be my Mary Jane Tbilisi’s!