MAC Satin Taupe

I’ve never been a huge fan of MAC products based on the fact that they always seem too avant garde and overhyped. I like a few of their lipsticks and their blushes are really nice and pigmented but some of their items I’ve dug into recently are the powder eyeshadows. MAC makes a lot of eyeshadow shades, finishes, and textures compared to other beauty brands and the fact that I’ve only started testing their shadows is strange to me. One of the eyeshadows that I’ve been loving recently is the shade Satin Taupe. Satin Taupe is an interesting one that is quite uncommon. The finish is slightly shimmery and the color is a mixture of pale lavender, elephant gray, and cool silver. This eyeshadow is beautiful against brown eyes with a clean crease and a bit of smudged brown eyeliner. I’m really enjoying wearing Satin Taupe with a pale pink blush and glossy pink lips for the spring!